Slim Contact Form

Simple and elegant AJAX jQuery website component allows you to quickly add a contact form to any page of your website, just a minute to install.

PHP contact form that fits into any part of any page on your website, instant action with AJAX, no page reloads. Performs AJAX validation and if everything is ok, it sends the input to your email and displays the thank you message.



The Slim Contact Form is built with just one principle - keep it easy to setup and use. So this PHP & AJAX contact form works right out of the box - just add your email address and it is ready to go.

Developers welcome! Impress your clients with this nice and simple website contact form. If you need to change anything, feel free to do it, our source code is very clean and straightforward.


  1. Open the conf.php in your favourite text editor and change your configuration options, normally you will need to enter your email only
  2. Upload Slim Contact Form to your web site root. Normally you will not need to rename the folder name so it will be
  3. Open the copyme.html file in your favourite text editor, copy the code and paste it into any page of your website

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